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Matilda's end of year party

Hey Bubbles: Matilda's end of year party

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Matilda's end of year party

Earlier this year, I promised Matilda that we would have some of her day care friends over for a play because she didn't get to invite them to her birthday party.  Months kept on flying past so eventually we decided to do it as a little end of the year party, especially as she'll be leaving the center next year to go to Kindergarten.

My mum and sister had bought me back some cute and very bright party flags with matching balloons and paper straws from a holiday to the US earlier in the year so we embraced the bright.  I had seen some amazing wedding invitations in pinterest so I created a poor man's version of and off we went.

We didn't want to go too crazy food wise, so we had fruit juice pops, cold yoghurts, grapes and watermelon (nice and bright!), some popcorn and cheese and crackers and a few goodies as well - orange cake, mini donuts and chocolate cupcakes. 

And brightly coloured water bombs just seemed to fit the bill perfectly.  In fact we've been using up the left over balloons all weekend!


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