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Christmas craftiness

Hey Bubbles: Christmas craftiness

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas craftiness

There's been a bit of Christmas craftiness going on around here lately.  Starting to gear up for the crazy season (I love it!). 

It started with some stocking stuffer hair pins for the girls.  I bought some of those flowers from this etsy shop a little while ago and some blanks and glued them together.  Job done.  Slid them on to some vintage playing cards form my Grandma's house and they're ready for the stockings.

I also had to make something for a craft stall fundraiser for Christmas so I just kept on going with the glue gun and the ear rings and hair pins kept on coming.  This time I slid them on to some gift tags with some baking twine and they're ready to sell, perfect for adding a little something extra to a Christmas present.

Polly's hair pins -

Matilda's hair pins -

For the craft stall -

 A friend of mine was also commenting on facebook recently how she'd seem some wish fairies (milkweeds) floating past her window and how much she liked them.   She could use some wishes coming true lately so the girls and I caught some wishes and put them in glass baubles and made some Christmas wishes to send her way.

Hope they work!


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