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Hey Bubbles: Struggling

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I need routine in my life to get things done.  It doesn't have to be a very strict routine, it's more that I need some rhythm to my days to keep things moving along.  And so when my routine changes (like after finishing uni for the semester) I really struggle for a couple of weeks to get myself going again, find a new rhythm for my days.

I think I'm slowly starting to emerge from that funk.  Deadlines also seem to help move me along, and the reality of Christmas and everything that I need to get done before heading down to Melbourne is finally starting to sink in.

That's not to say nothing has been happening around these parts for the last couple of weeks. 

We had our last craft night for the year, which calls for a little bit of Christmas celebration.

last craft night for 2011

We ate and drank well, talked a lot and perhaps ended up doing very little crafting but that's ok.  If you're after a couple of refreshing summer drinks to celebrate I made a guava punch (non-alcoholic) and also a lychee granita and sparkling wine cocktail from the latest Donna Hay magazine and they were both very yummy.  I have never made a granita before because for some reason I always thought there would be too much effort involved, but it's actually very easy.  Everyone got a little box of some peppermint bark to take home, well someone missed out because i found Matilda scoffing a big piece of it that she'd nicked from the table.

I also celebrated in fairly quiet style my 33rd birthday.  A good excuse to eat some yummy cake (recipe here).

brown butter cake with cookie dough frosting

And an even better excuse to get totally spoiled with bunches of peonies.

spoilt rotten


And some other lovely presents, including an ice-cream maker which I haven't tried out yet but I'm looking forward to playing with now that I'm slowly getting myself more organised. 

So I'm off to write some lists... Christmas presents left to make and buy, spring cleaning to be done before the Christmas tree goes up, jobs to do before we leave for Melbourne.  Getting organised and finding a new routine.


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